• Opens Data Center in Querétaro, doubling its service capacity.
  • Launches new value-added services with cutting edge technology.
  • Acquires an IT company to strengthen its offering of specialized technology solutions.

In 2014, Alestra continued to expand its information and communications technology (ICT) platform and infrastructure, to serve Mexico's enterprise market. It doubled the service capacity of its data centers, increased last-mile access for connecting clients, and launched new services with cutting-edge technology.

The Querétaro Data Center was dedicated early in 2014. This is the most innovative and sustainable center in Latin America, as demonstrated by its ICREA 5 Green certification, the highest rating given to data centers. It also received the “Innovation in Mega-Datacenters" award from Datacenter Dynamics, in recognition of the innovative concepts it incorporated in its design, construction and operation.

of total revenues correspond to value added services.

Data Center, Querétaro, Qro., Mexico.

(U. S. $ Millions)

Alestra invested U.S. $100 million in fixed assets and systems in 2014.

The company continued to promote value-added services (VAS) like managed networks, data, Internet and local services. It also offered IT solutions, including hosting, systems integration, cloud applications and data security, solutions that follow the industry’s megatrends, which are key to maximizing the competitiveness of companies today.

Alestra invested U.S. $100 million in fixed assets and systems in 2014. Among projects carried out in the year were network expansion, increasing last-mile access, equipping its five data centers with state-of-the-art technology and growing its solutions portfolio. All of this enabled Alestra to strengthen its position as a leading company in the Mexican ICT market for the enterprise segment.

To add to organic growth, Alestra acquired the Mexican IT firm S&C Constructores de Sistemas, widening its offering of specialized world-class technology solutions.

In 2014, Alestra reported sales of U.S. $415 million, 5% more than in 2013. The growth of VAS, along with data security, systems integration and cloud-based services, was the main driver for the increase in revenue. VAS accounted for 85% of the company's total revenues.

EBITDA totaled U.S. $170 million, unchanged from 2013, when an extraordinary revenue of U.S. $21 million resulting from a favorable ruling on interconnection cost disputes from earlier years was reported. Excluding this one-time revenue, EBITDA would have grown 14% in 2014.

Alestra is a company that is evolving constantly based on a process of innovation aimed to keep it at the forefront of technological trends and make it the benchmark in the industry.