Akra Poliester 97 scholarships granted for employee children..
Colombin Bel 30% reduction in the accident rate.
DAK Americas U.S. $14 million invested in employee health and wellness programs.
Indelpro 2.3 years without lost days due to accidents.
Nemak Tennessee 2,000,000 man-hours of work without lost days due to accidents.
Nemak Linz A year without lost days due to accidents.
Polioles 65 scholarships granted for employee’s children.
Sigma 15 work centers were re-certified as Family-Responsible Company.
The “Mano con Mano” fund supported 71 employees whose homes were damaged by hurricane Odile.
Terza Supported 190 employees’ children by giving them school supplies.


Alestra 90 students did internships at the company.
DAK Americas 3,500 students benefited by supporting 31 schools.
Nemak Canadá Donations to institutions like the Heart Defect Society and the Cancer Foundation.
Nemak Hungría Helped soccer schools for children, including financial support for the construction of a sports field.
Nemak Kentucky Thanksgiving Day meal for the homeless.
Nemak India Supported 700 students in the community.
Nemak México 4,400 students benefited from support to six schools.
Nemak Polonia Supported the Belsko-Biala Theater and the International Festival of Puppets in the community.
Nemak Wisconsin 20 employees participated in fundraising events for a diabetes prevention program.
Petrotemex 1,550 people benefited from community support actions.
Sigma 400 employees volunteered in activities to benefit their communities.
96 charitable institutions supported.


Alestra The Querétaro Data Center certified at ICREA level 5, Green Seal.
Akra Poliester 80 metric tons of plastic, 1,334 metric tons of cardboard, 14,980 pallets and 6,988 sacks were recycled.
Colombin Bel Participated in the reforestation program at the Sierra de Guadalupe.
DAK Americas (CR) 76,000 m3 of water a year saved due to improved efficiency in molding processes.
Nemak Alabama Water consumption reduced by 30,662 30,662 m3.
Nemak Canadá Reduced electricity consumption by 1,680 GJ, using an optimized lighting system.
Nemak Dillingen Recycled 98% of the silica sand used in its processes.
Nemak España 7% reduction in water consumption.
Nemak Eslovaquia Increased silica sand recycling from 20% to 60%.
Nemak México Collected 560 kg of aluminum through the “Dame Lata” recycling campaign.
Nemak Polonia Reduced energy consumption through 2,000 GJ, by improving its heating system.
50% reduction in water consumption by diluting mold lubricants for high-pressure machines.
Sigma Built a new wastewater treatment plant. Replaced fuel oil with natural gas at four plants, reducing CO2 emissions.
Terza 20,000 m3 of water savings a year due to improved efficiency.
Recycled 2,400 metric tons of polyester.
Univex Reduced C02, emissions by 5,800 metric tons.