Internal well-being

To provide health and safety conditions, as well as development opportunities for employees.


To be a responsible citizen towards community.


To control and reduce emissions in the air, soil and water.


To obtain adecquate Bussines returns based on the investments and risks taken.


To become a source of pride for our employees and shareholders, and to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations through leadership, innovation and outstanding long-term performance.


These are our commitments with our stakeholders:

SHAREHOLDERS. To achieve outstanding long-term value creation through profitable growth, continuous portfolio improvement, and selective investments in new opportunities.

EMPLOYEES. To be a great place to work. To attract and develop the most talented people, motivating them to achieve their full potential.

CLIENTS. To exceed expectations with superior experiences and innovative offerings.

SUPPLIERS. To build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

COMMUNITY. To encourage safe and sustainable operations. To contribute to the development of our communities.


INTEGRITY. Our actions are governed by our commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.

RESPECT AND EMPATHY. We consider diversity as a strength. We seek to incorporate individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. We aspire to promote a work environment that encourages trust and cooperation.

RESULTS ORIENTED. We are committed to value creation and a continuous improvement of our businesses. All our employees embody a personal commitment towards improving the company’s performance.

INNOVATION AND CORPORATE SPIRIT. Encourage and reward innovation and development of new business opportunities.

FOCUS ON CLIENTS. Dedicated to exceeding our clients’ needs.


Alfa’s Code of Ethics provides guidelines for the conduct expected from its employees and companies. For more information, visit:


ALFA defines its stakeholders based on the direct or indirect impacts the company has or may have on specific groups. For Alfa, all of these groups deserve special attention, which is the reason why the company has made the commitment to maintain a respectfull, ethic and transparent relationship with each one of them.


When it was founded in 1974, ALFA assumed the commitment of being a responsible company in each and every one of its axes of action: economic, social and environmental. In accordance with this principle, ALFA became a signatory of the UN Global Compact, which promotes economic and social development with respect for universal human values. ALFA is committed to acting within the framework of this initiative’s 10 principles.